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    Basic Roleplay rules. Rough draft.

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    Basic Roleplay rules. Rough draft.

    Post by n2wry on Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:52 pm

    okay play by fear factor rules. as in someone holds gun to head you dont turn around and draw. we all start out with 150 dollars.
    Don't go around and say you have a million dollars.

    150 will be used to buy horse, weapons and homes.
    Visit doctor when you die.

    We have doctor. When you die you go to doctor.

    You have eat every week.

    no killing with out reason.

    Being killed by some killone is not a reason. No revenge killing.

    Listen to the host.

    You buy weapons at weapons dealer at the gunsmith.

    You cannot go past thieve Landing river.

    Jobs are:



    General store.



    As a cop you get more money for capturing if you arrest them. If you kill them you get less money.



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    Re: Basic Roleplay rules. Rough draft.

    Post by lowbridge11 on Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:46 pm

    For the rules you could have these for the names of the rules (like the revenge killin)

    NLR (new life rule)= if you die you remember nothing that happend when you died if you ignore this rule you get punished severally

    RDM (random deathmatch)= well... random killings..

    Mb: (money abusing)= dont lie about hoiw much money you got if you got 1600$ and you pay for somthing that is 100$ and go away and say you still got 1600$ you get punished

    Hope i helped Wink

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