Welcome back to Mortalgaming! Hope you enjoyed your last stay as much as we did and enjoy this one even more. Make sure to check the calendar for events.

We are a organized gaming community, we like to play organized games that aren't built into the game itself. We play most of our organized games on GTA V.

Welcome to Mortalgaming! Where we bring the Horde to Live!!!
Check out the FAQ if you have any questions or Concerns!!
Staying Active is the key to playing at Mortalgaming, if you do not You may not get the things you earn from earning achievements in our Games modes!!
We always host Zombies on Saturdays, So make sure to be on Saturdays. Usually at 8:30pm EST. GMT -5. Check the calendar for the exact time!
We will be doing custom games on GTA V when it comes out.
Mortalgaming will be becoming active again, we will have different hosters to host our games, therefore, one person doesn't have to host them all. So get active on the website so you know when our games will be.

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    Dead Nation - Apocalypse Roleplay Zombies


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    Dead Nation - Apocalypse Roleplay Zombies

    Post by xRenegadeLegacy on Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:42 pm

    Zombies aren't players they're AIs there less smart but a little more realistic (they limp around and can't jump/climb). Zombies however don't roam the city due to the mod we have.

    Normal Zombies
    Zombies don't roam the streets however they do attack your bases at random times. You'll never know when your camp is going to get attacked however that actually makes roles in the camp.

    Normal zombies can't climb or run. They come in hordes and can kill a survivor if they aren't careful.

    Special Infected
    We haven't given them a name yet so I'll just call them SI 1 or SI 2 (SI - Special Infected)

    SI 1 - Special Infected 1 have baseball bats (to resemble their strength) They run at the same speed as a normal survivor and can climb. They are strong and have God mode for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds they are tired and then they can die. So you can't get too close.

    SI 2 - Special Infected 2 is like a witch from L4D it is a stripper with a knife they have God mode for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds they are tired and then they can die. So you can't get too close.

    Military Zombies - A military zombie is a zombie with military skin. They have knifes and they are found near helicopter crash sites and other events

    NOOSE Zombies - A NOOSE zombie is a zombie with a NOOSE skin. They have knifes and they are found in some events.

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    Re: Dead Nation - Apocalypse Roleplay Zombies

    Post by n2wry on Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:05 am

    Good job. Keep it coming.


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