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    Gta v2 Prison Roleplay


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    Gta v2 Prison Roleplay

    Post by hitmanhitz on Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:22 am

    This game will last 3 gta days each game unless prisoners escape.

    10 prisoners
    5 guards
    1 prison chief

    Prisoner:Prisoners are held to a strict schedule of duties.

    Guards:These men guard the prisoners and prevent escape.

    Heres the prisoners schedule.
    8:00-9:00 Wake up And eat breakfast.
    9:00-11:00 Work
    11:00-12:00 Lunch
    12:00-14:00 Yard Time
    14:00-17:00 Work
    17:00-20:00 Dinner and cell time
    20:00-24:00 Night Yard Time
    24:00-8:00 sleep

    Guards are required to make the prisoners do the schedule.
    Guards are only allowed to fire when attacked by a weopon.
    If a prisoner escapes the guards cannot harm them.

    Prisoners can only use a knife.
    You have to listen to the prison guards.
    You can kill a guard.
    You cannot go through metal doors unless they are unloocked by guard.
    You can get the guards keys by killing him.

    If a prisoner kills a guard the prisoner gets a glock.
    If a prisoner dies when noone has escaped from the prison he has to come back to the prison and continue.
    Prisoners must kill 3/5 guards and get there keys to attempt to escape prison.
    If 2/5 guards are killed a prison break starts.In a prison break guards may fire at will and prisoners may go through metal doors.

    If 4/5 guards die the prisons front doors open.
    If all guards die the game is over.

    If a guard dies and the prisoners dont kill another guard within 2 minutes the killed guard may come back.

    If the prison chief is killed all the prisoners get glocks.

    Body Armour

    Prison Chief:
    Primary:Desert Eagle
    Body Armour

    If a prisoner gets a hold of alcholic beverages he can make molotov.

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